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1-501, Shiogamaguchi, Tempaku, Nagoya, JAPAN 468-8502
Tel 81-52-832-1151
  Department of Agrobiological Resources

 ・Laboratory of Crop Science
   Hiroyasu MICHIYAMA Professor
   Tatsuya HIRANO Professor
 ・Laboratory of Horticultural Science
   Shigetoshi SUZUKI Professor
   Masato TSURO Professor
     Yasuo SUZUKI Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Genetics and Breeding Science
   Rie TERADA Professor
 ・Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics
   Atsushi MORIKAMI Professor
 ・Laboratory of Plant Pathology
   Kimiharu INAGAKI Professor
   Masao ARAKAWA Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Entomology
   Kenzou YAMAGISHI Professor
   Masayoshi UEFUNE Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Agricultural and Resource Economics
   Hideji ISOMAE Professor
   Shintaro HIRAKO Associate Professor
  Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

 ・Laboratory of Microbiology
   Masashi KATO Professor
   Motoyuki SHIMIZU Assistant Professor
 ・Laboratory of Biological Chemistry
   Minoru UJITA Professor
   Hiroki OKUMURA Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Nutrition and Food Science
   Akihiro OHARA Professor
   Ken-ichiro MINATO Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Functional Food Science and Technology
   Toshiya HAYASHI Professor
   Mao NAGASAWA Assistant Professor
 ・Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry
   Masaharu OHBA Professor
   Masahiro MAEBAYASHI Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Natural Organic Chemistry
   Masato MATSUGI Professor
   Hiromi HAMAMOTO Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Pesticide Chemistry
   Hideaki YAMAGUCHI Professor
  Department of Environmental Bioscience

 ・Laboratory of Plant Conservation Science
   Guang-Xi WANG Professor
   Shigeru YOKOUCHI Lecturer
 ・Laboratory of Environmental Zoology
   Teruaki HINO Professor
   Yasuaki NIIZUMA Professor
 ・Laboratory of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
   Takeshi OHURA Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Environmental Soil Science
   Toshiyuki ISOI Professor
   Hirotatsu MURANO Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Function
   Toru FUNAGUMA Professor
   Ayumu KONDO Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology
   Hiroto TAMURA Professor
   Akifumi HOSODA Associate Professor
 ・Laboratory of Landscape Design
   Hiroshi MARUYAMA Professor
   Hiroshi HASHIMOTO Assistant Professor
  Experimental Farm

 ・Laboratory of Plant and Animal Science
   Yoshinori NAKAO Associate Professor
   Takashi MORITA Associate Professor
   Yoshiaki HAYASHI Associate Professor
   Yasumasa MORITA Associate Professor
   Yoshiharu KATAYAMA Technical Assistant